Keith Varadi's ART SUGAR NET MAGIC  discusses the practice of so called Nu Guard artists. His jumping off point is the previously discussed 2011: art and transmission by Michael Sanchez. Distinct from the new media "New Guard" such as Auerbach, Guyton, and Arcangel, "Nu guard"..."concurrently embrac[es] and exploit[s] the consumerist culture of capitalist America with far less confusion or reticence than ever before." Varadi quotes Sanchez on desubjectivization: “without such delays, or lags, there can be no subject.” Sanchez points to Giorgio Agamben: “contemporary capitalism does not produce subjects so much as non-subjects, through what [Agamben] calls the ‘desubjectifying’ effects of apparatuses.” With no subject, there is little ground for an avant-garde. Hence Varadi's discussion of the "Nu Guard's" irreverence for the "different stains" of Morris Louis or Kenneth Noland. Perhaps "Nu Guard" overlaps with what one might call "Post-Internet" in that these artists earnestly leverage networks—etsy, tumblr, facebook—in places where the "rearguard" conceptualists merely gestured toward the dematerialization of the art object. "Nu Guard" knows that the digital image and its network is the material support, and the artist's ego is a brand.


AuthorMike Pepi