There is a new breed of digitally inclined flâneur who go to museums incessantly and post a stream of images that I think can be equated with "exhibition porn." You know it when you see it. This simply broadcasts their selections and re-anoints the objects already selected to be displayed. [NAME REDACTED] does this famously along with a few other people who i've just unfollowed. I guess I might be anti-populist, but I just don't think it helps anyone to do this inane transmission of museum trips as if we are waiting with bated breath.  We already know you're spending less than 20 seconds in front of each piece, and snapping an amateur photo of the work is not somehow enhancing that already trivial engagement.  Or perhaps it is not anti-populism as much as anger at a misdirected populism. This behavior not only telegraphs the supposedly populist sharing, one shot through with the identity performance of the self, but also misaligns the site of the physical museum as an object of rapid digital reproduction, a situation which makes its supposed educational power all the more tenuous. 


AuthorMike Pepi