Facebook is cracking down on click-bait with a set of updates to their news feed algorithm. I can't help but think of all the art online art publications that have so deeply compromised their editorial integrity to accommodate the curiosity gap headline and other forms that promise the "viral lift" that social media delivers. Such a move is so basic for Facebook to make, yet so "game changing" for publishers and website traffic. This is why over the past few years it has been so unnerving to see art web editors modify their coverage to bloggy crap content, updates, and slideshows, etc...

Focus on the content and not how and/or why people get there. They are, after all, an art magazine—not a mainstream publication with a wide audience. Now they're left holding the bag on an empty husk of an editorial voice. It's developments like these that could serve as a warning to future publishers to not be too drastic in their appeasements to digital, platform-specific metrics.

AuthorMike Pepi