Part of Rhizome's  #internetsubjects series, "#uberwar and the "Sharing" Economy" investigated the broader social, economic, and political implications of services like Airbnb and Uber. This was the first of Rhizome's "flash" panels which are conceived in less than a week and hosted at the New Museum.

It was one of the better panel discussions I've been to; clearly the best in recent memory. It included Denise Cheng (MIT Center for Civic Media), Rob Horning (The New Inquiry), writer Kate Losse, and Melissa S. Fisher (Social & Cultural Analysis, NYU).

I put together a quick roundup for Rhizome. Though there was little chance I could do it justice. So many great points were made, and from many different perspectives.

Solidarity after "Sharing:" Notes on Internet Subjects #1


I reviewed a new productivity app called "Go Fucking Do It" for 

This app struck me as grossly indicative of our new socio-economic paradigm. Aspirational, emotional, and affective labor: we've fully opted into a market of updates and broadcasted life goals, it only natural that an application be would drawn in to seek to extract a profit from the anxiety of being a self-reliant, mobile, prosumer operating in a near total vacuum of traditional social bonds.


AuthorMike Pepi