“Listen: the Young-Girl is obviously not a gendered concept.” Ticcun insists. Instead they penned the metaphorically misogynist pamphlet to illustrate that since “the 1920s, capitalism realized that it” must “colonize everything that is beyond the strict sphere of production,” shifting focus to “marginalized elements of society—women and youth...” Alas, the Young-Girl. Mal Ahern and Moira Weigel’s sharp response (via the counter category of the Man-Child) is an indictment of the rhetoric from a Left that refuses to cope with the feminization of labor. Related to the male frustration with the pop-phenomenon of The End of Men, Mal and Moira concluded that the voice of the Man-Child is an equivocator who gets to chauvinistically choose when to be taken seriously. But listen, the Man-Child is obviously not a gendered concept.